Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Imagine it...and they will come!

There is a trend happening...I saw it in New York...heard about it on the west coast, and now you are reading more and more on the internet.  Really...a timeless idea of artists, musicians performing in small venues, right there in private homes!  Mozart was well known for his parlor concerts...

But...perhaps the 60's...large music festivals, the idea grew that really good musicians, great experiences had to happen on a large scale.  The changes in the economy are forcing many artists to rediscover the roots to how creatives in the past went about efforts to perform and become known.  Here is a pretty good article on this growing trend-


A myspace forum where this trend has been presented and discussed further-

Another excellent article on the rising popularity of house concerts-

I have to tell you...when I was out in New York, I found out...that had I arrived the evening before I would have been treated to an evening at a house concert where Levon Helm and Howard Johnson were playing.  (Ask me about Howard sometime...as we are related!).  Well...turns out Eric Clapton showed up incognito and then just sat in and played.  People paid about $100 each to attend, and were surprised and treated to this laid back unforgettable event.  FWIW...I wouldn't have had to pay anything...dang!

Well...we certainly can learn and cultivate these unique events where those finding themselves fortunate to attend are willing to pay a bit more for the intimate and uniquely personal setting.  Not just for music...but for our art as well.

Here are a few articles on the same growing trend for visual artists-

as posted by the New York Times-

the trend demonstrated in Harlem...an annual event-

A history of Artist "Open" Houses...trends, and links from Wiki'pedia-

So...bottom line...we are on the right track building on a time honored idea actually!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November 28th Arts Happening

We had a wonderful afternoon and evening, ten of our Consortium artists had works for sale and it got so busy we couldn't keep track of how many came through....easily 200+ came to see and buy art, talk to the artists, socialize, have snacks and refreshments

Melinda Obey explains one of her carvings to Zoi

Jutta and the Hi-Dukes

Jutta, Terran and Zoi wowed the audience with a performance of eastern european folk music

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here's a link to...

..a short video with some of Connie's new paintings (which are also available as Christmas cards) set to a song from Liz and Tim's new Christmas CD...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Next Happening:

Here is our Poster/handout for the upcoming Happening...
check out Terran, Jutta and Zoi, aka Jutta and the Hi-Dukes on their website http://www.modalmusic.com/ They are amazing musicians, play a wide range of eastern and western european and american folk music....There will be much new art by Consortia artists, including items for all upcoming gift giving needs!!! See you on the 28th...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Endorsement...Great Baking Dish by Dale Keller!

I recently acquired one of Dale Keller's fine hand thrown pottery, a baking dish with lid.  Dale is one of our artists in our consortium group (see link to Dale's blog), and just want to report what a very fine baking dish it is.  My wife and I enjoyed perhaps one of our tastiest home cooked chicken two nights ago!
All I did was place the pieces of chicken in the dish, added a bit of water to the bottom, and applied my seasonings.  The dish circulates the juices within itself, as Dale explained it to me.  Collecting on the lid by heat and returning to the chicken below.  Was wonderful...and being ceramic and a bit on the heavier side, it retains its heat after serving by replacing the lid...and when ready for a second portion its contents remain good and warm!

I'm already looking forward to trying this dish with salmon steaks, venison...you name it.  A great addition to our cookery here in the Seiler household!

From time to time, we'll feature some of the fine art & products from our consortium members.   Check back...  8^)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Open House- Happening...

Artists and friends gather at event's end to
celebrate, and enjoy a fine dinner prepared by
Mary Ellen Keller...

Artist Jim Koch talks about his welded sculpture
and artist vision..

Tim Friesen jammin' it up on acoustic bass!

Larry jammin on guitar, having convulsions
apparently as can't get the camera to focus
on this guy!

Dale Keller gettin' into rhythm!

Dan Deschinny having a good time on guitar
and banjo...

some paintings of Steve Wysocki (top) and Larry

Jim Koch's sculpture, "Guardian Angel"

Debbie Seiler, Margaret Mary and Jim Koch relax
a bit, soaking the moment in...
- - - -

Artists and friends, patrons of the arts gathered from
as far away as Appleton, Rhinelander, Newald...and
Armstrong Creek in NE Wisconsin, at the home of
Tim and Connie Friesen, as part of the newly formed
guild, the Wabeno Arts Consortium. Bringing all manner
of art forms together such as welded sculpture, rugging,
poetry, soaps and essential oils, batik, paintings from
unique floor coverings, landscapes and plein air, and
very fine pottery.

Artist/musician Larry Seiler played guitar during the
two day event, and a number of very fine musicians
celebrated the end of the second day with the traditional
jam session. The event was well attended with great
expectations expressed by the public to see such
things grow and receive greater attention. To that end,
we members of the consortium do heartily agree!!!

Participants for this first open house event included-
Steve Wysocki- (paintings), Elizabeth Coulliard- (book of poetry),
Mary Margaret- (batik), Jim Koch- (welded sculptures),
Connie Friesen- (paintings & floor coverings), Larry
Seiler- (plein air- paintings, Dale Keller- (fine pottery)
and Colette Suminski- (weaving/ruggings).

November the 28th is the scheduled date for our next
open house arts event!!!

*Note- clicking on images brings up a larger view to