Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter at the Friesens...

We had a wonderful time, once more we many
gathering at the home and good graces of Tim
and Connie. Wonderful food, bit of music,
laughs and cheer...

Quite unexpected...the Easter Bunny paid us
a visit...but, geez, this one was spoutin'
and spewin' venom. Apparently not happy with
his union rep, having to work on the holidays
and so forth. Certainly one bad a-- bunny!

He was just tossin' eggs around, here..there
no need to hunt for them. had 
to look out and dodge them!!!

And if you thought the white rabbit fast in Alice in Wonderland, I had a heck of a time just trying to get a camera on this character!!!

 quick as he had appeared,he was out 
the door...complainin'...threatening once more 
to get even with his union rep!  
Crazy...where do they get such bunnies 
these days?

On a later, calmer note...following dinner...Tim is
caught cradling, enjoying the finer moments of life
lived...that of being a grand dad!!!  Precious little