Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Plein Air Workshop...with Larry Seiler

Steve Beaubien, from Park Rapids, MN...drove nearly 370 miles this past weekend to take one on one instruction with Larry, spending Saturday at Strong Falls in Goodman Park, and Sunday at Long Slide Falls in the morning, finishing at Piers Gorge in the afternoon.

The event started really with a wonderful dinner at Tim and Connie's...and Steve is shown here to the far near right (blue striped shirt) with that really "happy to be here" look.  And he was!

Just a couple more pictures, but if you want to see more details on the workshop, pictures of sites painted...demos and such go to Larry's blog post">Past Weekend Workshop

Here Steve painting at the base of Long Slide Falls...about a 220 yard trek down hill carrying a good bit of gear, walking sticks certainly helped!

Larry painted a number of demos and exercises...this was his last on Sunday, 8"x 10" on linen of Piers Gorge-

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pizza and Bread outdoor Earth Oven!!!

so...what do artistic types do in their supposed FREE time?  What???  As if creativity were like a faucet one could just turn off or on?

So...I go over to Tim and Connie's one day...and they had just gone to some local area where clay was literally in the ground and brought a bunch home.  I hear the news they are building an outdoor earth oven...planning to make pizzas and breads.

Okay...I'm not thrown for a curve, because well...isn't this what one comes to expect hanging around artsy friends???  As an artist/musician type myself, I totally instead I'm like..."really?  Wow...!!!  Cool!!! will this work???"

So...if you follow our blog of the arts that happen here in the north woods of Wisconsin, I wonder how many have one day just decided to get a bunch of clay and build an outdoor oven?  One thing is connects with a long history of many indigenous cultures doing something like this!!!

Sand is used to help create the shape...and clay is packed over it...later the sand all removed...which I believe Connie is seen working on here, leavng a nice clay shell.

A good fire going inside!!!

Yummm sitting in the hot hot coals...on tiles

 Dale delightfully takes on the task of cutting the pizza...!!!  Success!

A couple more pics added here...the bread is phenomenal, and Tim is on to a great flour/recipe...first getting the fire good and hot, about an hour Tim says, roughly 450-500 degrees...

The bread has wonderful texture, and is amazingly good, just about better than any I can recollect...and to think, from a mound of clay!!!

Gettin' er stoked up!!!

Look at that!!!!

Check out that texture and crust...and believe me, this is so so good!!!