Sunday, October 24, 2010

October 16's Art Soiree- Featuring the fine Pottery of Dale Keller

Once more, the hap hap happenin' place to be in NE Wisconsin proved to be in Wabeno on this Saturday event, from 3pm to 7pm...with great foods, spirits, cheer, and fine art works from the consortiums growing number of artists.  Featured for this event was Dale Keller, art instructor for Wabeno and his very fine pottery...

There were many fine set ups of Dale's work throughout the home of Tim and Connie Friesen, or what I like to call the "Art House"...and here to follow a few more-

Word of the event and events has been spreading, thru this blog...word of mouth, and postcards produced by Dale...and attendance was fantastic!

 ...and weather was fine enough that patrons enjoyed the porch and steps environment as well...talking art and catchin' up on everything exciting!

...and as typical, you never know what kind of music will be on hand, more and more musicians showing up...bringing instruments, from an ebo bass...dulcimer, guitars, cajon, djembe...on and on...festive in the traditions of world music...

Next Soiree event will feature artist Connie Friesen, her many works including the floorscapes that are gaining a lot of notoriety and attention...visit back for updates and information!