Thursday, December 30, 2010

Updates on Larry's Website- !!!

*whew...!  I'm sure many know what is involved once that decision to add pages, update, prep images to your website is made...not to mention dusting off the ole "html" knowledge base...and while not completely finished, am happy to announce finally the site is worthy once more to represent me and my work!  

Old school design to some degree, but the time to learn fancy java scripting and all that is possible just doesn't fit with the irons in my fire right now.  I have added several "recent" plein air pages now, several in-studio painting pages as well, introduced a link  for my portraits and figures.  The first page of the recent plein airs has the hyperlinks working to bring up larger image views with descriptions, and takes me about 1-1/2 hours to do one whole page of will reserve time another day to work on finishing all that, but do hope my friends and visitors will take a moment to check it out.

The image above is hyperlinked to take you there!  Enjoy...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good time had...December Arts Happening

Sure we'll get some more pictures, but here are a few to prime pump start...great food..glasses of cheer, warm and friendly folks...

Chatting with folks recently aware of our events and presence last night too...came as an opportunity once more to share the vision, and reference to the growing popularity on the East and West coasts...where artists more and more are setting up public events or special guests (usually means paying to attend) at their own homes, apartment or studio flats, and so forth.  Even well known musician's throwing together an evening's gig...guest performers showing up incognito, plenty of food and fun.  A unique "dang...shoulda been there" thing...and I believe that is definitely the sentiments shared again and again.

Earlier in this blog...I shared links to that growing trend, and a bit of some history...called, "Imagine It...and They Will Come"

check it out...