Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Menu for March 29&30

Big Easel Gallery and Bistro
Featured Menu for March 29&30
6/Saturday lunch/12-2                         9/dinner/5-8
Passover Beef Brisket
Baked Ham
Pan seared Salmon atop sauteed greens.
Served with
Studded Cous-Cous, Cardamom Carrots, Salad de Colores, Haricots Vert,
(Ask about our Gluten Liberated, Dairy Liberated and Vegan Selections)
Our ever-expanding A La Carte and Seafood Menus:Vegetarian Calzone(6), Greek Marinated Lamb Chops(10), BBQ Baby Back Ribs(8), Pasta Carbonara(6), Parmesan Encusted Swai(8), Sautéed Cod(8), Snow Crab Cluster with Asparagus(10) Cedar Planked Colossal Shrimp(8), Steamed Mussels in Tomato-Garlic Sauce(8), Fish Taco(8), Dungeness Crab(12), Chocolate(3) and Strawberry(3) Gelato, Bloodorange/Pomelo Sorbet(3)
Friday and Saturday Dinner Music: JJ Jenkins!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Found these reviews on TripAdvisor!

Trip Advisor Reviews 

Reviewed February 2, 2013

We weren't even going to head out in the cold for dinner...but we're oh so glad we did! We arrived
and were greeted by Tim. The atmosphere was warm and we felt right at home. Finding a place like this so close to our new home is wonderful! The food is to die for, and very reasonably priced. While waiting for our food, we chatted with other customers who had nothing but great things to say. Our waitress, Luisa was charming, and we thoroughly enjoyed the music entertainment. It won't be long before we return!

  • Visited February 2013

Reviewed January 16, 2013

My wife and I stopped in to see the restaurant that Tim and Connie had opened. It may have been one of the very best meals I've ever had!!

The food is only half of the experience. Even if you don't know Connie and Tim, by the time that you are done, you will. They are the most friendly eclectic people you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. They are artists, not just in the kitchen but real artists. The restaurant serves as a gallary not only for them but a lot of other world class artist. You'll never know who you'll meet there.

If you are in the Northern part of Wisconsin, do yourself a favor and stop by. You will not regret it.

  • Visited November 2012

“Great food in Wabeno”

Reviewed November 25, 2012

My mom has been going to the Big Easel and Bistro for a few years and always tells me about their meals, music and art. It's a great surprise to find a place like this in the Northwoods. The menu changes and revolves around a theme. When I was there, the menu was Argentinian food and everything was a taste treat! I had the vegan meal that was served in a compartmentalized dish that made it fun, because it was like sampling a variety of foods. Everything on my plate was tasty and I loved the sangria! You have to try this place! While you're waiting for your food, you can view the artwork of local artists and hear some great music! You can view upcoming menus on the Wabeno Arts Consortium blog -

The restaurant is just off Hwy. 32 - 1784 Maple Ave. It feels like you're walking into the back door of someone's house, but you'll be in the right place.

 “What a nice suprise”

Reviewed October 3, 2012

Growing up in northeast WI, you learn not to look too hard for gourmet meals. It was a great surprise to come across The Art of Coffee a few miles from the family cabin. This is a great place!! The atmosphere here is amazing. There is beautiful art all over the place. The last time I was there we were treated to live music, a gentleman playing guitar and singing folk tunes. He even took requests. The meals here are incredible and suprisingly cheap. We had lunch which consisted of a main dish and around four or five side dishes. The cost of the meal was around $9! They also serve great coffee (as their name implies). They also have artisan breads for sale, although last time we were there they were sold out. I would highly recommend. The only minor problem is that it is a little difficult to figure out how to get into the building (back door) and they have limited hours.

  • Visited August 2012

A total gem in the Northwoods! Worth a trip.”

Reviewed September 26, 2011


person found this review helpful

Amazing atmosphere with lots of beautiful art and fantastic live music, incredible people, superb food & wine. It's a gem in the Northwoods!
My family lives a few towns over, so I had previously been here for an art showing and had a great time. The proprietors, Tim and Connie, have now opened up their beautiful estate as not just an art gallery, but as a coffee/wine bar and are serving the most wonderful food as well. I went this past weekend with my mom and Aunt for dinner and we had the best time! I felt like I was back in Europe with all of the amazing flavors, wonderful smells, artwork, and other patrons who were friendly and well-traveled. I can't wait to go back to try their coffees, pastries, artisan breads and Tim's famous pizzas! It is definitely worth a visit.

  • Visited September 2011

A wonderful gallery of WI art and coffee served by the most wonderful artists”

Reviewed June 13, 2011

Still awaiting their licensing to serve food and wine, I couldn't really rate the food yet. The Art of Coffee is open on Saturdays from 11-4 serving coffee with complementary snippets of food. We can hardly wait for the full treatment. We found the gallery atmosphere enthralling and the proprietors' service incredibly warm and welcoming. What a wonderful addition to a beautiful area of our state. There will be an outdoor art event called 'Picasso Week-end" at the end of July. We're hoping to sample wine and food at that event if not before. Check it out.

  • Visited June 2011

·         All the splendor of stepping back in time combined with the flair of art and international travel!”

·         Reviewed June 8, 2011via mobile

·         Happening upon the Art of Coffee - totally by accident - changed our whole weekend and "up north" experience. Starting with the gorgeous old house, we went in to discover amazing art, fresh bread & cafe mochas (seriously?!), and the best part.... meeting Connie and Tim. They are world travelers, talented artists, great conversationalists...and just salt of the earth folks. Their hospitality and talent go hand-in-hand to create a unique experience for visitors. I can't wait to visit the future wine bistro in the vintage trailer and spend more time with Tim and Connie! Visit this place and soak it in! - Rochelle


A New York Coffee & Gallery Experience in the Wisconsin Northwoods”

Reviewed June 8, 2011


people found this review helpful

We embarked on a simple trip to a resale shop and instead fell through what we now call a 'worm hole' to a magical and peaceful place in the Big Easel Gallery & The Art of Coffee. A powerful day... A peaceful experience... A remarkable special day with remarkable special people!
The north woods of Wisconsin is rich in nature but nothing much to offer on the cultural side, until now. On our regular Memorial Day weekend trip to Lakewood, Wisconsin we set out to visit an antique shop in Wabeno. On the way we passed the Art of Coffee and the Big Easel Gallery and decided to check it out.
Once seated inside we met the owners, Tim & Connie Friesen. Connie is the "artist in residence" and Tim, we discovered, is not only a musician but also an accomplished bread artisan of the highest order.
Our cafe mocha's came with a fresh artisan bread sidecar complete with sweet cream butter and fruit jam.
The air smelled of spring as we sat at the window of the turn of the century home and looked out onto the garden. Heavenly music filled the home.
The afternoon passed quickly as we enjoyed our java and chatted with the Friesen's about Wabeno Arts Consortium, house concerts planned for over the summer and the peace murals they have designed and painted all over the US.
What a treat, what a magical afternoon.
We are sure to return.

  • Visited May 2011


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bistro Menu for March 22&23

Big Easel Gallery and Bistro
Featured Menu for March 22&23
Hearty Mennonite Fare
6/Saturday lunch/12-2                         9/dinner/5-8
Mennonite Farmer’s Sausage
Pan seared Salmon atop sauteed greens.
Served with
German Potato Salad, Vareniki/SauerKraut Perogy, Mennonite Vegetables
(Ask about our Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan Selections)
Try Our Special Dessert: Marian’s Apfel Kuchen (Apple Torte) 4
Our ever-expanding A La Carte and Seafood Menus:Vegetarian Calzone, Greek Marinated Lamb Chops, Pasta Carbonara, Parmesan Encusted Swai, Sautéed Cod,Cedar Planked Colossal Shrimp, Fish Taco, Dungeness Crab, Chocolate and Strawberry Gelato, Bloodorange/Pomelo Sorbet
Friday Dinner Music: Keith Kubiak, Saturday Dinner: Ken Dennison with Tin Can Hooptie featuring DC O’Conner

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St Patrick's Day!

Big Easel Gallery and Bistro
Featured Menu for March 15&16
St Patrick’s Day!
6/Saturday lunch/12-2                         9/dinner/5-8
Beef and Guinness Stew
Craggaunnon Chicken (braised with mushrooms, tarragon, raisins and walnuts)
Corned Beef
Pan seared Bradan (salmon) atop sauteed greens.
Served with
Potatoes, Cabbage, Irish Soda Bread
(Ask about our Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan Selections)
Special Cheese Flight ‘Dublin Express’6
Try Our Special Dessert:Guinness-Chocolate Uachtar Reoite(Ice Cream) 3
Expanded Iasc (Seafood) Menu:Parmesan Encusted Swai, Sautéed Cod,Cedar Planked Colossal Shrimp, Fish Taco, Dungeness Crab
Friday Dinner Music: Keith Kubiak, Saturday Lunch: Nancy Jo, Dinner: Larry Seiler