Monday, July 12, 2010

Flying Pig Gallery Greenspace- Plein Air event...

Yesterday proved to be most interesting and worth the near 300 mile round trip, to the The Flying Pig Gallery & Greenspace

....located in Algoma, the base of the peninsula thumb that juts out dividing two bodies of water meeting at the tip, the bay of Green Bay, and Lake Michigan.  Algoma, is nestled along the west shores of Lake Michigan.  Celebrated artist/designer Susan Murtaugh and a number of digital artists converged upon the gallery space with ipods and ipads in hand...digitally painting plein air.

Steve Wysocki and myself, received invitation as did a number of other traditional painters of plein air, to attend...set up and paint.  Steve has a number of works on exhibit at the Flying Pig Gallery, as well as does our very own Connie Friesen with her floorscapes. 

Susan Murtaugh, printing off one of her plein air efforts of the day...(click on her name to see examples of her work on flicker)

Here is artist Steve Wysocki from the Armstrong Creek (NE Wisconsin) area, along side his very colorful expressive efforts, which seemed quite popular with attendees-

Larry, arrived a few hours after the event got started...and with thunderstorms coming into the play of things sometime in the later afternoon, elected on a smaller 12"x 9" format primed board, and set up looking at this view-

Resulting in this 12"x 9" effort-

Remember that clicking on images brings up a larger view...